1 тонны pneumatic manriding winch mr60flg

Speed at top layer 30.0 m/min, WLL 1st layer 1270 kg.

1 тонны pneumatic manriding winch mr60flg
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Series: MR FL - manriding winches

These winches are dedicated personnel lifting winches supplied with full material traceability. They have passed EC testing for these applications, - both winches and their technical files are in compliance with the requirements of the EC Machinery Directives.

MR 30 FL winches are specially designed for personnel lifting in which a safety harness or a boatswain's chair is used on fixed installations with a total WLL of 150 kg. MR 30 FGL winches have passed EC testing for these applications.
Both winches can be supplied with a Lloyds Register of Shipping (LRS), ABS or DNV Design Appraisal Certificate.

MR 50 FL and MR 60 FL are constructed to be used with assemblies using a platform, basket, carrier (MR 50 FL - with a total WLL of 500 kg and MR 60 FL - 1000 kg).

Standard features

  • Orbit hydraulic motor
  • Helical shaft mounted gearbox, life lubricated with synthetic oil
  • Limit switch
  • Pneumatic gearmotor
  • Slack wire switch
  • Two drum supports
  • Caliper primary brake 180% of WLL
  • Helical grooved steel drum
  • Overload protection device
  • Air service unit (pneumatic models only)
  • Main air emergency stop valve
  • UK HSE compliance
  • Full material traceability (3.1 - EN 10204) on load-bearing parts
  • Local proportional control with biased control valve (pneumatic models only)
  • Local proportional control with biased control valve (MR 30 FLP/FLV only)
  • Mufflers (on MR 30), 50 and 60 FLG
  • Drum guard
  • Automatic band brake as secondary drum acting brake 180% of WLL
  • Prepared for emergency lowering system
  • FEM / ISO class: T4-L3-M5
  • Three layer 2-component conservation according ISO 12944 category C4-High, colour RAL 1023
  • Operating conditions –20°C to 50°C

General options for winches

  • Фланцевый разделитель барабана
  • Нарезной барабан
  • Крышка безопастности барабана
  • Натяжной ролик
  • Шпиндельный конечный выключатель
  • ДУП + Шпиндельный конечный выключатель
  • Кулачковая муфта
  • Фрикционная муфта
  • Натяжной выключатель
  • Пневматический конечный выключатель
  • Ручной ленточный тормоз
  • Гидравлический ленточный тормоз
  • Пульт управления
  • Пневматической клапан управления
  • Раскладчик троса
  • Дополнительное крепление троса
  • Контактное кольцо
  • Аварийная кривошипная рукоятка для ручного привода (на электрическом двигателе)
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WLL 1st layer [kg]:1270 kg
WLL lifting top layer:1000 kg
Speed at top layer:30.0 m/min
Number of layers:4
Drum capacity top layer:135 m
Pressure drop:6.5 bar
Flow:120 l/min
Rope diameter:13 mm

*For more storage, higher / lower speed or change any parameter, please contact with us